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The Time Traveler's Guild
The Original Excerpt
as written by Lady Danu    

Just when you thought all the love stories had been told now comes,
“The Unfinished Ballad” and soon its sequel “An Unusual
State of Amnesia.”
I do not believe it is the greatest love story ever told. For all those
who dare to love and let themselves be loved are truly brave and that
in itself is a great story, but to be sure this was definitely one worth
telling. And if by some small chance I have managed to help
someone with their own story, then my job is complete. If I also
manage to make the reader cry or laugh, then I have done my job as a
writer, or could it possibly be just hitting close to home.
Jeff used to be a quiet man, reserved, keeping to himself and his
music and appearing suicidal to the outside world. He never used to
be this way, but then tragedy struck and he removed himself from
the public eye (not that he was ever in it that much). He knew
though that his life would be changing soon…he knew she was
coming and that all would be great again.
Lynna was also on the secluded list not wanting to be seen by the
people, afraid of what they might think or say. Some scars never
heal…or do they? Lynna on the other hand had no idea that her life
was about to get a complete make over. She was neither always this
way, but like Jeff, she too had tragedy strike.
When the two meet and their lives unfold, they not only find out
they have the same circle of friends, but enemies as well. This is a
story about tragedy and love, sacrifice and love, music and love and
above all…soul mates and their unconditional, undying love. Yes,
love is all those things.

An Insight Into The Unfinished Ballad

I do not expect everyone to understand the concept behind how The
Unfinished Ballad was written. I have had a bit of flack if you will
about the grammatical errors and usually because no one really reads
the ending fillers at the end of novels.  It reads as follows…

would like to acknowledge that some of the original editing was
done by the work of students who would have otherwise made a
choice to cross over to ‘the other side’ had we not given them a goal
and a purpose. I am proud to say…they made a different choice and I
am glad to say their lives have new meaning.  If there are any
imperfections in grammar or punctuation rules, it is no matter.  The
managing editor and I chose to leave it that way for a reason. Trust;
we trust they did a wonderful job. Thank you to my beautiful friends.
It was also suggested by my beautiful friends to make this novel easy
to read for those who may have an underdeveloped vocabulary; this
making it easier to enjoy.

I must tell you that each student was only given a few chapters each to
edit and not the novel in its entirety and that fifty percent of these
students only had between a third and fourth grade reading level. But
in the end we believe they did an immaculate job in the process based
on their level. Once the project was finished and published. The
students then were able to re-read and saw a lot of each others mistakes
thus allowing them to critique one another giving them a further sense
of purpose. So the project has been continuously updated and readers
are finding fewer mistakes.
Upon further research it was made known to me that so many young
adults as well as adults in this country barely make it above a middle
school reading level, so it was suggested by one of those students to
make it easier to read and understand. If you have a chance to read this
novel you will notice that it is written from a teen’s perspective and not
how a college English professor would have written it using an over
developed vocabulary that no one understands. The main female
character is after all a teen herself. It is written how people really think
A comment was also made that it was “too mushy to be believable”.
Yes I suppose that is true, but true nonetheless. Statistics show that
most criticize what may be possibly lacking in their own lives. That’s
okay…we’ve all done it at one time or another and I hope all can find
the true happiness they desire. In just one year the novel has grown
into something people are talking about…good or bad…they are still
talking about it. So you see this project was not just for me, but for
them---the students. So as they have grown, so has the project. I am
proud to say that their reading and writing levels have all been
upgraded by at least three grade levels.

For my dear friend and student (as no real names are allowed) I will
call you simply…Jen      We lost Jen, not to suicide, but another real
killer…a brain tumor. I will miss you and know you are now without
pain. Our love goes with you.

Thank you to all who have enjoyed The Unfinished Ballad.
Join us soon for it’s sequel An Unusual State of Amnesia.
As we move forward into 2014 I would like to thank all of you
who made the first novel The Unfinished Ballad possible. It has
been an extended pleasure to share what I believe to be the great
story of our time in 2013.
Now in continuing the saga this year shall be the sequel
An Unusual State of Amnesia.
Here's hoping
that you find this one just as enjoyable.

Love and Blessings to all

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Now Available on Amazon in Soft Cover & Kindle.
"The Unfinished Ballad"

‘Special Edition’ hardcover available via this website only, which includes a signed by
the author copy and has an extra journal entry that Jeff wrote in Lynna’s journal. It is a
replica of an original entry from the author’s (Lynna) real life journal.

Some proceeds of this novel will be going to the research of Brain Tumors and Brain
Cancer. To find out more please see our website for links to these organizations and for
support for you or someone you know who may be struggling in their fight.

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3 September 2012

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