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Aaron LePage
Artist and Actor/Singer

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The Time Traveler's Guild
    In trying to write my bio I asked myself over and over what people really wanted to know
about me. Is it like vital statistics, birth place, parents or just why I like to write, or is it more
why I chose to write a particular story? If I knew all the answers, then my mother would know
more about me as well. I’ve always had a passion for the written word. In buying books I
found that I always had to smell the book first before I bought it. I would read the excerpt,
open the pages to somewhere in the middle and take a good long whiff. It’s like touching
something; it gives you more of a personal connection. I’ve always been fascinated by
paper and ink, calligraphy, etc. There’s something about watching a good piece of
parchment paper soak up the ink.
Writing to me is like a good form of expression as most writers will tell you, but for me it is so
much more. It was so much more when I finally chose to write “The Unfinished Ballad.” It was
a chance to mourn. Writing is like giving yourself a chance to relate to something you’ve
always wanted to and never could. One day I just sat down and started writing and before I
knew it, it was done. However with “The Unfinished Balled,” I felt as if someone was egging
me on the whole time. When I’d get stuck trying to recall an incident or situation that had
taken place, suddenly I could smell his cologne and everything would come flooding back.

Whether a writer, singer, dancer or an artist in any form, if your every waking moment is
about that which you so desire to do or be…just do it or be that. It’s all about you and no one
else. If I could just sit and write all day…oh, wait…I do.

Other questions pertaining to my bio can be emailed until the blog is created.
Lynn Perry