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Aaron LePage
Artist and Actor/Singer

A. L. Niceties Designs by Ashley Frizell

The Time Traveler's Guild
Thank You Ashley
I would like to say a special thank to my managing editor/web designer; an extremely talented young lady who has
made this project very easy for me. She supervised all editing in both the novels and on the web page and has gone to
great lengths to design a site that is specific to "The Unfinished Ballad". Being a student herself, she took time out of
her very busy schedule to work on this project. Thank you Ashley for all your hard work and dedication and for
putting all of yourself into this project. I feel sure I could not have completed it without your help and knowledge.
...not to mention you are the most beautiful daughter a mother could ever have.
Much Love and Blessings to you and your endeavors.

Who is Aaron LePage?
Aaron LePage is an artist/singer/actor as well as an Orlando Bloom  impersonator. His artistry and
sketches are breathtaking with every line of detail featured so incredible it looks real. His voice is magical
like a songbird; his voice too rich for the local bands. His impersonation skills of Orlando Bloom are
beyond belief. He does and portrays every character that Orlando Bloom does; his best being "William
Turner" in "Pirates of the Caribbean", "The Duke of Buckingham" in "The Three Musketeers" and "Legolas"
in the famous "Lord of the Rings" trilogy.
He also carries one other attribute that really took me in...he looks almost exactly like...'my Jeff'. I found
him or should I say we found each other hiding in a tiny mining town in Colorado. Our worlds got a
whole lot bigger when we found out who we were and meant to each other, but that's another story.
He is a gentle soul with a heart of gold. When asked to do the sketches of Jeff and Ashley he was more
than willing and honored and took great pride in every line.
Thank you Aaron for all you hard work and dedication to this project. You are an extremely talented
...thank you my husband..my love.