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Aaron LePage
Artist and Actor/Singer

A. L. Niceties Designs by Ashley

The Time Traveler's Guild
Jeffrey Michael Devereux 'My Jeff'
Artist: Aaron LePage
In keeping to himself, Jeff appeared to the outside world
what would be considered a bit too reserved and quiet.
Some say he might have appeared to calm, as that of a
suicidal person who's made their decision. It was almost
though, as if he knew something was about to happen.
I believe when we meet the person we're supposed to be
with, or soul mate if you will, that we do change; we do
become the man or woman we're supposed to be. Jeff was
distinctive and defining. He was not much of a talker except
to Lynna, family and very close friends, which does include
the 'Royal Guard'. But he never said anything he didn't
mean and when he did it was very profound. He never
raised his voice except in the protection of his family if they
were in danger. He was very much a man you could feel
safe with; strong, but with a gentle way about him.